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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gao Zhisheng Rally on August 21, 2006 (audio in Chinese, text in English)

  • Gao Zhisheng Rally at New York August 21, 2006 (audio in Chinese)

  • Gao Zhisheng Rally at New York Chinese Consulate on August 21, 2006 Hosted by Mr. Li Jiguang, Vice President of Epoch Times.

    1. Mr. Wang June, Chairman of the China Democratic World League
    August 15, 2006 is a day of dismay. Many plainclothes policemen secretly detained and house arrested Gao Zhiseng when he visited his illed relatives. This conduct of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is obviously coinciding with the behavior of Fascism vile hoodlums, and terrorist. The reason for saying this is because the whole process of arresting was done without legal paper trail despite the arrestee is a renowned human rights attorney who practices legalities. That’s why I said CCP’s conduct is no difference from gangsters or rascals. On August 19, 2006, there were many peace advocate groups, human rights activists, Epochtimes, and Falun Gong practitioners gather in front of Congress at Washington DC demanded release of human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng. Today, again we demand the release of Gao Zhisheng the second time at Chinese Consulate at New York. Listen up the officers of Chinese Consulate, please forward this message to the high ranking officials of CCP. By releasing Gao Zhisheng, the crime that CCP committed will be forgiven by China and its people. Remember, righteous will definitely triumph over the wicked. You will never win by using forces. You will never win over people’s mind and heart. Rather forcefulness will only bring yourselves more human rights movements, foster more human rights activists and heroes. For the sake of Chinese people’s interest, there will be more conflicts unfurled .between the heroes and totalitarian .CCP. On behalf of the China Democratic League and the China Democratic Association, I would like to remind you to forsake your evil conduct and immediately release human rights attorney Gao Zhiseng.. Let’s spell out the following slogans: Eliminating Totalitarian, Build China Democracy, Release Gao Zhiseng. Thank you all.

    2. Mr. Li Chika, Representative of the China Democratic Freedom League
    I would like to grab this opportunity to reveal a letter, which was received two days ago, from Overseas Chinese Democratic Revolution Preparation Secret Agency (its home base located at Mainland China). The letter say like this: Please post the following message to the bulletin of China Democratic Freedom League. Please ask CCP do not persecute Gao Zhisheng for he is a prominent representative of human rights. Not only treated Gao Zhisheng with coercion and totalitarian, but the whole nation for a long period of time that people were trampled and damaged by the criminal CCP beyond its recognition. Every Chinese currently is pondering how to annihilate this criminal dictatorship. This organization has publicly announced a statement that we should not shun away violence. Violence can be defined as violence for justice and violence for injustice. Often times, violence for justice are derived from violence for injustice in human history. Of course, you might wonder which one goes first? Is chicken ahead of an egg or vice versa? Actually, it is not appropriate to catch twenty two. For real, if you don’t have desire to overthrown the dictatorship, then it indicates that you approve and accept CCP. The consequence is that you are helping CCP to toxicate human beings. Peace with CCP will never dissolve the CCP that is for sure. So, I urge each of you to be prepared to arm against CCP. Right now all of the righteous and kind hearted persons are expecting the basic human rights that Gao Zhisheng deserves. Once more, we are warning CCP do not persecute Gao Zhisheng.

    3. Mr. Li Dayong, Member of Global Renouncing Membership to CCP Service Center.
    Today, we get together at here try to rescue Gao Zhisheng.. But, first of all, on behalf of Global Renouncing Membership to CCP Service Center (Tuai Dang), I would like to pay my respect to human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng. I also demand that CCP the rascals release him immediately. Recently, there are more than1.2 million people renounced their membership to CCP. .This results from daily number increasing as a strong current. There are two incidents that have been sabotaged by CCP. One, Mr. Yuan Sheng, a former pilot of Oriental Air Line was exiled to United States because he talked about Tuai Dang.. Two, Gao Zhisheng is house arrested for his advocating Tuai Dang. To arrest prominent human rights attorney Gao who fought for civilian human rights and once was honored as top ten best lawyer by CCP indicating that CCP doesn’t practice law. CCP intend to trample its own law and deprive people’s basic interest. CCP will never improve its system because its policy builds on benefiting CCP instead of benefiting Chinese people. The most effective method to rescue Gao is renouncing membership to CCP to guaranty dissolving it. Since CCP is for its own power not for servicing people that seems as the cause of calamity. Quitting membership to CCP will be the winner to get rid of CCP and protect basic human rights..

    4. Dr. Li Tianxiao, Columnist of New Tang Dynasty TV
    Today, at here we attempt to rescue attorney Gao. Why would CCP want to arrest Gao? The reasons could be as follows. One, Gao knows very well about CCP’s secret. Gao is not fear of CCP, but CCP is afraid of Gao for he exposed CCP’s shameful works and crimes.. Gao can foresee CCP is on the brink of self-destruction tomorrow. He listed 8 shameful things that Hu Jintao committed which is only an iceberg of what CCP’s shameful conducts. He has evidence to prove that CCP’s behavior is identical with violent gangsters . Gao has pleated three times for the innocent Falun Gong practitioners when persecution started while others remained silence toward this slaughter incidence by CCP. He produced flyers to expose the nature of CCP. He also joined the investigation team of organ harvesting of live Falun Gong practitioners for high profit.. All of the above has intrigued CCP arrested him. The very last article he wrote about CCP before his arrest on August 14, 2006 said that he thinks CCP is hopeless and doomed to be collapsed. He also said that he doesn’t think Hu Jintao (president) and Wen Jiabao (Premier/Prime Minister) have ability to reform China. Therefore, Gao is our role model of shaping Chinese people’s conscience and a leader of human rights advocates. .Two, CCP attempts to redirect people’s attention by producing a hot news about human rights issue for the case of Gao Zhisheng in order to cool down news about quitting membership to CCP for the case of Mr. Yuan Sheng who was a former pilot of Oriental Air Line is exiled for the charge of spreading quitting membership to CCP . Mr. Yuan Sheng currently resides in the United States. Since he becomes a world focal point, it brings Chinese people who have quitted membership to CCP have deeper understanding about the large scale of quitting membership to CCP and how CCP tried block the media and suppress this movement. It also has help those persons who used sudo names or group name to quit membership to CCP to get to know each other in person. Therefore Mr. Yuan Sheng has filled up the gap for those people and revealed the fact of repression of quitting membership to CCP. Mr. Yuan Sheng also has uplifted the collaborated design of the vile party and shaked the foundation of totalitarian and bring CCP to the verge of death.. Not only does the compassionate Gao Zhisheng care for Falun Gong practitioners but also care for everybody’s interest includes Mr. Chen Guangcheng, a blind man and anti-repression advocate. Gao was on international head line when he was beat up on July 20, 2006 at Shangdong Province.. This time during his revisit his relatives at Sangdong, CCP purposely arrested him with motive to tie the charge of his arrest with his support Mr. Chen Guangcheng during court trial to deviate peoples attention to Mr. Yuan Sheng. Meanwhile, CCP intend to cover up the real reason of arresting Gao for Gao is a supporter of Nine Commentaries, Quitting Membership to CCP, and disclosure of the crimes of persecuting Falun Gong.. By making people think that Gao supports Mr. Chen Guangcheng, it not only threats the world and the Chinese but also evade the fatal catalyst of collapsing caused by Nine Commentaries and Quitting Membership to CCP. Now, how do we rescue attorney Gao? CCP must have measured up the cost to arrest a renowned human rights attorney. In order to rescue Gao, we must aiming at CCP’s weakness and what they fear the most. So, CCP will feel that their loss to bigger than their gain by arresting Gao. Then, I believe Gao will be safe. What is CCP fear the most? An invisible, untraceable quitting membership to CCP involved by non-violent every Chinese, large scale scheme and organization is the most fearful of CCP. In the process of rescuing Gao, we should head for quitting membership to CCP until the day of CCP dissolved, the communist officials becomes non-communists, will the jail be able to detain civilians? If the strategy of re-directing people’s attention fail, CCP will inevitably release Gao. If their strategy work, then, Gao will be in disadvantage situation. I urge you to quit membership to CCP today in order to rescue Gao Zhisheng. The more of us discard CCP, the day of CCP’s self-destruction is closer. From the scenario of illegally arresting Gao, we all know that CCP is the cause of agony and grief for every Chinese. China will have hope when CCP is gone with the wind.

    5. Mr. Li Jiguang, Vice President of Epochtimes reads article written on July 1, 2006, anniversary of Chinese Communist Party (CCP), by Gao Zhisheng.
    Although Mr. Chen Guangcheng is a blind man, he can clearly see that the entire Chinese nation is sinking deeply into the abyss of wickedness. He sees it very clearly. Although he is blend, he has the ability to see this. When he saw through the the evilness of the CCP, he offered help to ordinary people around him who are in the same plight as himself-being persecuted by the CCP and helpless. After being persecuted, Chen dared to stand up and tell the truth, but people around him dared not do so. This is he only difference between him and the people around him. Actually, the CCP would not be afraid of an individual, especially a blind man. But what the CCP continuously suppresses, exhausting all means, is the spirit that never gives in and insists on telling the truth. That is what the CCP fears most. The majority of the Chinese people have also noticed this. They also noticed the CCP's objective—the CCP does not just want to eliminate Chen Guangcheng as an individual, it wants to eliminate this spirit that is rare in China now. Under such circumstances, the condition for a nationwide campaign to oppose violence is ripe. Can the CCP reform itself? Today, the CCP wants to reform itself, but nobody has that ability because Jiang Zemin has already buried all chances and conditions for this. In today's China, whoever has any cognitive ability can see that there are two directions in front of the Chinese leaders [Hu Jintao President and Wen Jiabao Prime Minister]: one is to abandon the CCP, and the other is to insist on the one party dictatorship to the death. There is no foundation for reforming the party. There are only two choices left for Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao. But judging from what they are doing now, they are mediocre people. They do not have the courage and morality to discard the CCP, so they will die with this old and broken machine. It is obvious that Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao are both enduring with the CCP. Every day, their consciences are tortured by so much corruption and violence happening in China. Every day, events like the Chen Guangcheng incident are pushing and testing a person's moral boundaries. But Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao have to protect those who created these violent incidents and who demand: "You need to support us, if you don't support us, you are putting the Party and government in danger." It is not surprising that the CCP claims that its party members have increased to 90 or 100 million. However this is a meaningless figure because many people have already completely abandoned the CCP in their hearts.
    6. Mr. Tang Baichiao, Founder of China’s Future Forum, and Chairman of Peace with China
    I am here today is for my god-brother.Gao Zhisheng. Although I have never met him but he and myself often communicated with each other during interview with Dr. Li Tianxiao at New Tang Dynasty TV. Although I’m not a hero, I am pretty attached to Gao for our opinion are coincide with each other in the one hour TV show last time. Some one called in to the TV station questioning if human rights is improving in China since Gao received interview from NTDTV, but you still says human rights in China is lousy. Doesn’t it contradict with each other? My answer is that ordinary people would have been arrested once interview is completed. However, Gao has opportunity to be interviewed many times is because he strived for it He incessantly worked hard for others interest on the issue of human rights . In another words, he worked his way up and did not take it for granted. Nonetheless, I had a hunch that Gao will receive persecution later on although for now CCP is hiding their vicious face and temporarily leave him alone.. I predicted that Gao either will be assassinated or imprisonment.. The is an inevitable fate because Gao is a tenacious, uncompromised hero while CCP will never let go of such spirited person. In the past, there were many brave, heroic human rights activists withdraw right before being persecuted in order to save their lives. But, Gao will never step back even being persecuted just like myself. That’s why I call him as my god-brother and speak up for him. You are about to hear my harsh tone when I speak for my god-braother. Since he is my god-brother, listen up, CCP, .you are out of luck by arresting my god-brother for he is a brave man. Mr. Yuan Hongbing in Australia, a very good friend of mine, is a brave man. There are many who stand here are brave men. Include myself is a brave man as well. You’d better look up to me. Today, I, Tang Baichiao solemnly proclaim that I declare a war with you the second time since 1989.. The war is for a movement of Returning to China.. I have just came up with this idea now. I hope there will be the second Tang Baichiao, the thire Tang Baichiao showed up in the next few days after this message is delivered. They are exiled in overseas forever and have no chance to visit their relatives. On top of that, there are so many human rights activists were arrested, killed or imprisoned and we couldn’t help them. This leads us live a life without light. CCP, I appreciate you to ignite my life with passion and sparks. I determine to live like a human again. As long as Gao still alive, I swear I will come back home and accompany Gao Zhisheng in the jail. I believe there will be the second and the third Tang Baichiao showing up. When they arrive, we definitely declare a deadly war with you. It is a shame on you to arrest a righteous human rights attorney. Maybe you can catch one Gao Zhisheng, but you will never catch 100 Gao Zhisheng, 1,000 Gao Zhisheng, 10,000 GaoZhisheng. If you caught 10,000 Gao Zhisheng and Chinese people are still remain silence, then, this race is hopeless. I do not believe China has no hope due to its history. Our history tells us that whenever there are difficult times, there will be many righteous persons showing up and flowing like a river. Now is the moment the righteous pop up. The first righteous person is Gao Zhisheng. Do not repeat history. If you imprisoned Gao, you will be caste out as a role on the stage. So, do not persecute Gao. I know that Gao is paying price as a human rights activist. I also know that this is Gao’s fate. My beloved brother’s fate. I hope Gao will take good care of himself in the jail. Finally, I would like to remind all of us that we have to support Gao Zhisheng. If Gao has been defeated, or our voice is too weak, Gao’s fate will be our fate, our relatives’ fate. No matter how big the war will be, let it be the last righteous and evil combat in the 21 century, we must win this last battle of basic human rights. There will not be another battle of human rights if we lost this one because Gao is the leader of human rights activist. I hope media will deliver this message to the CCP.

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Attorney Gao Zhisheng's Comments on Sound Of Hope Radio Network

  • Attorney Gao Zhisheng's Comments on Sound Of Hope Radio Network (audio)

  • There is absolutely no doubt that Sound of Hope plays an indispensable role in today’s Mainland China. Many people in China do not have access to the internet, thus listening to radio broadcasts has become the only way for them to obtain information. A large number of them are the listeners of Sound of Hope’s broadcast. Right now, once you mention Sound of Hope, many common folks will say “I know, I know Sound of Hope”. For example, for the thousands of people who recently joined the hunger strike in Shanxi province, when asked how they obtained the information of the relay hunger strike, they told you directly: “We listened to the Sound of Hope Broadcast; we heard the news from Sound of Hope”. It is the same situation in Anhui Province. A group of people joined the relay hunger strike from Anhui. I asked them the source of their information. They said: “We heard the news from Sound of Hope and we want to support you”.

    That is to say, the broadcast of Sound of Hope is the voice of freedom, and its impact should never be underestimated in deed, and in terms of the public awakening to the awareness of civil rights protection and the nature of barbaric dictatorship of Chinese communist regime.

    Even for the general movement of civil rights protection in China, not specifically about the hunger strike, Sound of Hope’s broadcast is vital. For example, last year a farmer from Shandong province visited my law firm. He told me that in his village what people most often listen to VOA and Sound of Hope. The Chinese communist regime will be of no use at all after its collapse; since it is inhuman it is doomed to have no future.